HMS Where Is My Sister?

Created By: Paige, Ava L., Ava H. and Braden

The bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 led to Japanese Americans and other immigrants being sent to internment camps, whether they wanted to or not. Many families were separated. Two short months after the bombing, I, Ansel, 12 years old, and my twin sister, Ada, were put into an internment camp on a turkey farm right outside of a town called Liberty, that is actually close to where we used to live. A few weeks after we were put into the internment camp, we tried to escape but only Ada made it out. I escaped a few weeks later and went to Ada and I’s favorite dessert place, The Yogurt Shoppe, to get some frozen yogurt upon realizing I had no money, I walked right back out. I saw a mysterious piece of paper on a table outside the shoppe, I opened it and realized it was a clue from Ada. I think these will help lead me to her! Can you help me?