Mayor Miller’s Gold (4-6 players)

When Madison Miller settled in Liberty, he quickly became a pillar of the community, and was soon elected as Liberty’s first mayor. During the Gold Rush years, Miller imported a bald cypress tree from California, causing quite a stir in the community. Why go all the way to California to get a tree? This mystery was the talk of the town, and though Miller long denied that there was anything notable about his acquisition of the tree, his neighbors speculated that Miller’s investments in California had yielded profits in the Gold Rush, and that the delivery of Miller’s Californian tree masked the shipment of a vast pile of gold into Liberty.

His successful mercantile business made Madison Miller a trusted name in the area. The store had the first vault in the county, which was used by settlers from miles around to store their valuables and money. This vault was the perfect place to store Miller’s Gold.

But only a few years later, Miller sold his store, and the location became a bank. Miller had to move his treasure to another location.