Mischief Manor (3-5 players)

To play the game a Narrator needs a smartphone, a sense of adventure,  and print-outs (printed and cut apart).

The Narrator logs on through his/her phone to buy the game and stays logged in to proceed throughout game. The Narrator also prepares/arranges rooms, reads prompts, and manages players while directing them through various rooms.

Purchase of game includes 9 prints-out pages, split between 4 rooms. Each print-out will be labeled with room number, room name, any room preparation details, and include game pieces to be cut out and hidden around the room by the Narrator. Example: Room #1 The Freezer. Hide the following 6 paper clues.

Prep for the entire game should take 15 minutes or less with the Narrator printing off 9 pages and hiding a total of ~30 paper clues around 4 rooms of the house.

To play the game, the Narrator brings Players to Room #1 and reads room INTRO aloud. Players then work their way through the room with help of the Narrator. The Narrator responds to Players actions and can give them clues or extra challenges as needed. When Players find a game code they bring it to the Narrator who will use their phone to type in the code and reveal to Players what they have found. Game codes can be an item like a KEY or a part of a visual/physical puzzle. After completing Room #1 Narrator directs Players to Room #2 and so on.

Before you start you will need to print these out and follow the instructions on them: