Owners How It Works

BPuzzld games allow for play in a variety of physical locations and augment your existing physical escape rooms without the cost of realty or remodeling. This means that you, as an escape room owner, can continue to have meaningful contacts with your clientele, even if you are still working to finish the next escape room. By using your existing marketing channels to promote digital games, you can provide additional entertainment opportunities within your market space.

3 steps to promoting a digital escape room:

  1.  provide a desired subdomain for game hosting (i.e. myescaperoom.bpuzzld.com)
  2.  select an existing game from our popular offerings or design a game of your own
  3.  advertise to your customers on social media or through email newsletters

3 steps to playing a digital escape room:

  1.  venue prep (location selection, printouts)
  2.  play the game and solve the puzzles (online)
  3.  enter codes as needed